Workshops 2021


Karaage (fried chicken)

35 € per person

5 February

A range of Japanese dishes enjoyed at home. Karaage (fried chicken) marinated in a delicious sauce, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet) and wakame salad with sesame and miso vinaigrette. (rice and miso included)

Miso ramen

35€ par personne

12 February

One of my favorite dishes on cold days, Miso ramen with 'Kakuni'- pork belly cooked in a soy sauce based sauce, corn, egg, spring onion and mung beans + a salad with seasonal vegetables. 

IMG_3173 (1).jpg

35€ par personne 

22 Janvier

Japanese dumplings grilled in a pan and then steamed. Good for a meal or an excellent entrée to start off your evening with friends or family.


Udon noodles with tempura vegetables

35€ per person

Udon noodles with a cold or hot soy sauce based soup accompanied with an assortment of seasonal vegetable tempura 



35€ per person

Un favori japonais classique pour faire plaisir à lors de fêtes ou pour profiter d'un bon déjeuner/dîner à la maison.